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The thoughts, the inertia, the solitude of my being...I embrace with tears the situation I've created. What is this tightening? In what place did i put myself through? Without voice I stay aimless and unsettled inside the kingdom of myself. Oh, may the feelings come to me! May the mist invade my judgement! Make me thy slave! Awake! Rise up NOW! Reveal thy strength! Death , comes back resplendent! Imprisoned,I come back to my origin...Abyss the eternal and infinite fall. I slide away silently into the void. I slowly lose myself standing in golden rays reflecting endless light relentlessly, embracing the flame forever and ever.

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"The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind."

Wayne W. Dyer (via liberatingreality)

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"Seek true love. If you love something, that thing is like a window to divinity for you. True love never narrows down, it always opens the soul wider. If in your love you sense something that irritates, makes jealous, suffocates spiritual feelings or hinders spiritual practices, then that part must be purified….But never let your love become a source of distress for another being, for that means the love was not love after all." - Johannes Nefastos



Lucifer before the Lord, by Mihály Zichy (19th century)


existalist said: very true! And you have absolutely no idea who the anon is, I don’t know who it is either

exactly… Very hard to guess. Bah just a guy that freaks out with pudding.

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opened a new tab with this but lost who it originally belonged to…if its yours tell me and ill give you credit.






Sergei Borisov ph. - Perestrojka time, 80’s

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