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I hate the way they move and exist but they're surrounding me. The suffering of others is not the goal, but simply a means to an end. Although it certainly brings temporary pleasure into my soul, as well. You are merely reflections in the mirror. But I refuse to walk among sheep. I refuse to serve among slaves. Filthy, fucking parasites. Spreading like cancer. Like a tumour that had to be removed. I draw my strength from knowledge and hate. A knowledge that consumes me...


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Anti-Racist ideology and the gender theory have the same goal:

Mass consumption.

you have to go through a logical wormhole to conclude this, like what does that even mean?

i just read it as ‘mass communism’ and was like *right on!” and went on with my life hi-fiving all the comrades I see


No. Anti-Racist goal is to make a multiracial societies by blending everyone into race mixing to destroy their identity. By doing so, the future individual are left without blood identity. So who is going to give them an identity? The Market. The market will create different label for them and they will become more dependent on consumption to be happy. A nation without roots is easy to control than one with. Same with the gender theory, turning children into believing they are born into the wrong gender to have more sex change surgery. Basically by removing the blood identity + gender identity we have a nation of people that are hooked on consumption in their eternal quest for joy.

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Lobo mau 3 versão kvlt a invadir uma mina abandonada no meio do nada em terras gaulesas…

(melhor descrição ever)

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HAH! can’t believe people are rebloging a drawing I did… phwaahaha…I love you humans :)

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spectrvmlvsitani replied to your post:spectrvmlvsitani replied to your post:I’m bored,…

ORLY? Damn it! At least leak some photos of your dead remnants? So I can sell them on the underground business and get hella rich??
Now on a serious note, if you don’t get famous or something I’ll get even more mad. I’ve seen someone selling their shitty art, and by shitty art I mean really shitty art where there’s no form, perspective, color, realism, just random sentences on a paper or stick figures. Like seriously.

Potentially probable I won’t get famous at all so whats the “something” you talk about?
But after all, wouldn’t  be fairer to get those someone’s money you talk about, instead of mine? (That isn’t right to say that if i was famous there would be more money in question than other people) Cause was just all a trick or perhaps I should be punished too?! No come on Im just trying that those very limited and few positive probabilities work I had to do something XD)
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Spectrvm Lvsitani's Art blog

Check má stuff!

If you reblog this to help me promote my work i send you 100000000000 euro to your bank account cause im so rich.

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Kutna Hora, Czech Republic


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pisses me out, everytime i send an ask i dont get a reply.  I dont know if my messages are sent, or if people dont give a fuck.. if you ever asked me a question to which i didnt reply tell me…

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